[TYPO3-core] Proposal for the upcoming Roadmap and LTS

Mario Rimann mario.rimann at typo3.org
Thu Nov 22 11:46:53 CET 2012

Hi Tolleiv

Am 08.11.12 17:54, schrieb Tolleiv Nietsch:
> I don't see that you have "just" 6 months to start the migration. Let's
> say we agree that 6.2 will be the next LTS, then you can start to
> prepare the migrations already after the 6.0 release.

Well, this can work out for you and your customers. But I don't see this
as possible for our situation right now. We're doing TYPO3 upgrades and
they are treated as single projects: They are kicked off as soon as the
customer says so, then we do the upgrade, test it, get the user test it,
then bring the upgraded installation into productive use.

This process does not have something like a "pre-upgrade" step where we
could take the customer's installation, do something like an upgrade
from let's say 4.5 LTS to 6.0, just to update it to 6.2 again later on.

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