[TYPO3-core] [OT] Fixing bugs

Georg Ringer typo3 at ringerge.org
Mon Nov 12 05:42:34 CET 2012


Am 11.11.2012 19:14, schrieb Simon Schaufelberger (Schaufi):
> i am sorry, i am must frustrated that people are discussing so much and
> the list of open bugs doesn't become smaller and smaller.

this is just not true!

Last friendly ghost report:

180 issues have been worked on during the week:
* 21 still "new"
* 11 need feedback
* 17 accepted
* 37 under review (patch in Gerrit review process)
* 80 resolved (patch merged to core)
* 14 closed/rejected (not a bug, duplicates)

the friendly ghost report from before

  * 17 new issues
  * 33 merged changes to the Core project
    (only per issue, not the single branches)
  * 50+ changes to our Code Review System
    (thus, including issues that haven't been merged yet)
  * 9 issues that could be closed

> yes, i am
> frustrated that some really important bugs don't get fixed for many
> month. Who cares about open bugs???

kind of everbody?

But maybe you could help getting those bugs fixed too? There is more to 
do than just write code:
a) if you can't write code then maybe ask around and promote this bug/fix
b) if there is only a bugreport but no "how to test", please add it to 
the issue. Dev people love to fix bugs and don't like to check how this 
is reproducable.
c) if there is a bugreport for older versions, it would be awesome if 
someone could test if the bug is reproducable in master
d) if there is a review in gerrit, test it!

PS: So about which issues are you talking?

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