[TYPO3-core] New logo in old branches. Revert?

Felix Kopp felix-source at phorax.com
Sat Nov 10 11:40:11 CET 2012

Hello everyone,

since I created the patch and pushed the logo change I obviously support 
the decision to keep the current official logo.

The product logo is not depending on a specific version but reflects the 
whole TYPO3 cosmos. So all actively maintained products should receive 
the logo as fast as possible to spread the word about the CI change.

To withhold the new logo to distinct between our new primary 6.0 and 
secondary step-versions is the wrong signal. Personally I think that we 
missed bringing new UI/UX concepts to 6.0. Sadly, now including the 
official logo will not camouflage the lack of distinction.

Of course I see the argument that keeping the former logo in former 
version might make sense But I for myself look at TYPO3 CMS not as a 
boxed product from the shelves but a service. That service should always 
be state of the art (if actively maintained).

And to elevate even farther the coherent conclusion would have been the 
inclusion of the logo into 4.5 LTS version and the new major version 6.0 
- but to skip the change for 4.7 and 4.6.

We received lots of positive feedback for the logo change by our 
customers. As expected many were wondering about the logo change but the 
overall mood was: Nice that even our years old installation is actively 
patched and improved - who does that?!

I'd say: Let us focus on new improvements and new features and not 
institute artificial barriers.


On 09.11.12 00:10, Helmut Hummel wrote:
> Hi,
> I just had a chat with Lars Zimmermann from the UI/UX Team.
> He asked me why the new TYPO3 logo has been commited to old branches
> (even 4.5) and I did not have an answer to that.
> We somehow replaced the CI in *patchlevel* releases.
> I agree with Lars, that this is a wrong signal.
> The logo change is in line with the decision to rename TYPO3 to TYPO3
> CMS and release a new major version 6.0. Thus it would make sense that
> only 6.0 has the new logo to also visualize this change.
> It would be one additional (small) part to make 6.0 differ visually and
> representing the decisions that have been taken.
> Unfortunately already two patchlevel releases (4.5, 4.6, 4.7) have ben
> done, but nevertheless I think we should revert the logo change in these
> branches.
> Kind regards,
> Helmut

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