[TYPO3-core] Proposal for the upcoming Roadmap and LTS

Lukas Lukas
Fri Nov 9 13:23:17 CET 2012


Thanks Dmitry to share your thoughts about that. I completely agree with that.

I must say, I was (falsely) assuming that a part of our membership fee 
to the T3A would go to the core development and its maintainance 
already. If this is really not the case, I'm motivated to try to change 
that... It can't be that the T3A just cares about FLOW/NEOS without 
caring about the current stable versions.


On 2012-11-09 07:41:17 +0000, Dmitry Dulepov said:

> Well, there was time when I did not object to earn some extra money for 
> such unpleasant and boring work as backporting fixes to older releases 
> and testing them. I would do that with proper quality and dedication as 
> I do any paid work. But it was always said that TYPO3 work is free 
> work, so devs will not be paid unless it is a project, which is 
> important to T3A.
> I think TYPO3 development (excluding Neos and its projects) mostly 
> lives on two types of developers:
> - enthusiasts, which wear off in 0.5-3 years and disappear
> - devs paid by agencies to do changes that agencies need
> I always thought that this model is very risky to have because it is 
> not possible to rely on any devs from these groups. Any of them could 
> have "more important stuff to do" and that happened many times in the 
> past when declared projects were delayed by 1-2 releases or canceled. 
> Other projects are certainly introduced because enthusiasts are simply 
> interested in them. So there is no definite list of what comes into the 
> next release. It is all by guess and chance.
> On the other hand, paid work (as Neos, etc) tends to go for years 
> without producing usable results, which causes doubts that paid work is 
> really effective.
> I'd say the best working model for TYPO3 would be like this:
> - paid core team leader + release managers for mantained releases
> - 2-3 paid devs, who work full time for TYPO3
> - any enthusiasts, who want to work as a core team
> - strict scheduler for paid people when and what to deliver (proper 
> project management for them)
> Of course, there are issues with this model too:
> - why X gets paid and Y does not?
> - why other teams are not paid even though they are very important too 
> (infrastructure, documentation, etc)?
> I think this is a set of questions that T3A should think of and decide. 
> Their major task should be to ensure that we get stable development, 
> which also moves forward using the defined roadmap. Otherwise we will 
> always have these discussions that do not yield any useful results.

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