[TYPO3-core] Proposal for the upcoming Roadmap and LTS

Lukas Lukas
Fri Nov 9 13:18:32 CET 2012


On 2012-11-07 22:51:13 +0000, Jigal van Hemert said:

>> The thing is that all our extensions will have to support different
>> versions as all clients run different versions as there is no clear
>> upgrade cycle with these short term releases. I agree that an upgrade
>> from 4.5 to 6.2 will be more complex than from a 6.1 version. But we can
>> do this once and upgrade it everywhere. We're not talking about ONE
>> installations, we're talking about DOZENS of installations with the same
>> version and the same extensions!
> You actually have dozens of different websites with exactly the same 
> set of extensions? That is a very specific type of customers!

Come on, either you're missing my point completely or you don't want to 
hear it...

> I was asking for the benefit for developers from an LTS version...

There is no IMMEDIATE benefit for developers. I know and agree with 
that completely!

But let's think a bit outside our box! The TYPO3 environment just does 
not consist of the core developer only, there are many more parties 
involved. And if we talk about the long term success of TYPO3 and its 
awareness in the environment of enterprise grade open source CMS 
systems, we just don't talk about new features getting implemented in a 
short time but how the systems maintainability and stability record 
perform. And that's my point.

I just try to show that it is eminently important for TYPO3 itself (not 
for me or our agency) to be able to give a long term maintainability.

> If we need to choose, then I'd say we have to choose for new 
> development. Standing still is going backwards in this fast moving 
> world.
> So, if there is a demand for LTS the people/companies who want that 
> should come up with a solution. That can of course be discussed within 
> the Association.

You are right. But it would be far easier to get to the point of 
finding a solution if we would all agree that the LTS makes sense in 
the whole! If we (and be assured, I will) try to convince anyone in the 
T3A to install a paid core maintainer, it would give us a much stronger 
position if all of us are agree that it makes sense. Even from 
different point of views.


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