[TYPO3-core] New logo in old branches. Revert?

Tolleiv Nietsch tolleiv.nietsch at typo3.org
Fri Nov 9 08:56:44 CET 2012


please don't. --> -1

If it's already changed and delivered, we really should not add more 
confusion by reverting it. Our product logo now is orange and that 
applied to the entire family.


Helmut Hummel schrieb:
> Hi,
> I just had a chat with Lars Zimmermann from the UI/UX Team.
> He asked me why the new TYPO3 logo has been commited to old branches
> (even 4.5) and I did not have an answer to that.
> We somehow replaced the CI in *patchlevel* releases.
> I agree with Lars, that this is a wrong signal.
> The logo change is in line with the decision to rename TYPO3 to TYPO3
> CMS and release a new major version 6.0. Thus it would make sense that
> only 6.0 has the new logo to also visualize this change.
> It would be one additional (small) part to make 6.0 differ visually and
> representing the decisions that have been taken.
> Unfortunately already two patchlevel releases (4.5, 4.6, 4.7) have ben
> done, but nevertheless I think we should revert the logo change in these
> branches.
> Kind regards,
> Helmut

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