[TYPO3-core] Proposal for the upcoming Roadmap and LTS

Lukas Lukas
Wed Nov 7 09:27:35 CET 2012

Hi all

As I understand the point of the core team to reduce the number of 
actively maintained versions, I definitively vote for an LTS version 
from the agency point of view.

Actually we are very satisfied with the LTS version, as it gives us 
stability, security and makes us the daily life easier because we do 
not always have to evaluate the new features of new versions. And this 
is exactly the point, I would like to emphazise: The customers are not 
primarily pushing towards new features, they want solutions. They don't 
care, if feature A or B is already here because if the needed task can 
be accomplished easily, they are happy and don't care about features at 

And they want stability as well. If we put a new website online and 
call the customer 3 months later that we have to upgrade the major 
version of his installation, he will not appreciate that and he is not 
willing to pay something for that. Because he does not need the new 
features and the upgrade just opens the possibility to add new bugs and 

We have roughly 60 active TYPO3 instances, all running the current 4.5 
LTS. Every year, some instances are added. If we would be forced to 
upgrade all these instances every 6 months, we would have to hire a 
developer just for this task. And someone would have to pay him, which 
-- in the end -- will be the customer.

Regarding the life cycles of the LTS releases, I also think that 6 
months for an LTS upgrade are short. But if the release schedule is 
being held, we can plan the workload. And -- another advantage of 
having all installations on the same version: The upgrade of the single 
versions can be tested on some key installations. If they work well, 
the mass upgrade should be not a major task.

I also would agree if the LTS is being maintained with bugfixes for 2 
years and 1 additional year with security fixes only. But then, the 
next LTS should be available after 2 years so that the upgrade period 
is prolonged. This would mean that there are a little more LTS 
versions, but with less difference featurewise.

OK, I think, I made my point clear and hope I get some understanding.

Best regards

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