[TYPO3-core] why did jenkins reject my commit?

Wouter Wolters mail at wouterwolters.nl
Fri May 18 22:56:52 CEST 2012

Thanks Roland for you're work so far:-)

Since some days Jenkins is complaining a lot more, in a good way 
ofcourse. But finding out why Jenkins is not accepting the patch is not 
always easy. Even for Core Developers it is hard to find the correct 
information... IMHO this is not good.

So how would new contributers find out what is wrong with their patch 
they commit to Gerrit? IMHO this needs to be documented somewhere.

To keep the motivation of the new contributers the same as before 
pushing it to Gerrit:-)

Kind regards,

Wouter Wolters

Op 18-5-2012 20:40, Roland schreef:
>> In this case the "bug" was cleanup, so no real "fix" necessary.
>> Nevertheless at least a php -l or a quick click-round in the backend
>> should always be done before pushing, so you save yourself the Jenkins
>> hassle and - if jenkins does not find the error - others the time to
>> check it out.
> ok.
>> But big thanks for all the clean up patches currently done :-)
> i would love to continue contributing.
> kind regards
> roland

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