[TYPO3-core] Reanimation of the TYPO3 bug day

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Thu May 10 00:01:59 CEST 2012


I never managed to join these meetings. It never worked out for me to a) 
convince my company that these virtual sessions bring value and b) 
working on TYPO3-Core stuff while my project team does their stuff was 
always too distracting.

Therefore I really prefer Coresprints over bug days.

Some kind of "Codesprint plan" for 6.0 with dates and stuff is therefore 
also somethings I'm very much looking forward to.

To make new Bug days better imho you've to:
1) promote them every month over and over and over again
2) make sure a minimal amount of coredevs is always around
3) priorize and maybe categorize issues
4) setup some kind of bug day "topic" to make sure people are able to 
work on similar things and motivate each other with their interaction on 
that topic
5) visualize progress and results to promote future events

What I really don't like is too much "fame" stuff - giving badges to 
people is fine, but giving them presents is imho too much.


Andy Grunwald [wmdb] schrieb:
> Hey @ all,
> today i browsed through the pending patches in Gerrit [1].
> My first impression was "wow, there are so much patches with an +1
> verified AND +1 code review, where are the devs to commit this?".
> At the moment there are eight sites only for TYPO3/Core.
> In summary, that are round about 195 pending patches (7 sites per 25
> patches, 1 site per 20 patches). Yeah, i know, some patches are for more
> than one branch. SO, this number has to redruce a little bit.
> Fact is, that are "to much" ;)
> At this time, i`ve remembered, that there was a TYPO3 Bug day.
> In the wiki i`ve found some sites for it. [2]
> So, the last one was in August 2011. Sad :(
> I don`t know why this event fell in sleep.
> * To few contributers / activity?
> * Because this event was on a normal working day and many guys get no
> free from his company (it was a normal friday afaik)?
> * Who knows some (other) reasons?
> Okay, thats history. But we live in the presence.
> As i already said, i like the base idea of this event. To make it clear,
> in my opinion this event is to get progress at the TYPO3 project and fix
> bugs, introduce some new features and _OF COURSE_ to get in touch with
> the community and girls and guys in your neighbourhood.
> Because we like and love TYPO3, like and love the girls and guys and our
> daily work is based on this system.
> So why we do not reanimate this event? This is what i`m talking about in
> this post. I like to "reinvent" the TYPO3 bugday. The base idea is the
> same but the stuff around is more about community and people.
> But why reinvent? I would like to change some things (yes of course,
> this are only some ideas from me and i don`t know if they will work, but
> i think we can give this a try).
> I like to have ...
> * more (official) communication about this event (the result is
> transparency, too!)
> * more (statistics) numbers about the progress at this event (people
> love to see what they have created / finished)
> * every time a full list of _ALL_ contributers of this day (contribution
> can be code, food, rooms, sleeping rooms, motivation, ...)
> * a list of all fixed gremmlins / finished stuff of the day
> * a small ranking system / badge system (e.g. foursquare, SensioLabs
> Connect [3], ...) based on some statistics (heaviest contributer, place
> of the most contributions, place with the most core devs, most active
> community member during all bug days, and so on ..., people love fame)
> * some "presents" sponsored by the association / company sponsors (this
> must not be big presents, e.g. a t-shirt, some stickers, a poster form
> the last dev days, a small post card from the "ghost of the week" and
> his hometown? ;), some home brewn beer from MOC DK, a barcamp ticket,
> whatever ;) (presents are motivating stuff!)
> * some kind of "i wish this bug get fixed" or a voting (community
> based). Perhaps this could be a second "bug auction" or something like this
> * "direct" communication with our sponsors [4] / companies to provide
> some devs
> * ...
> This are only some small ideas which are collected very fast from my
> head. I think the crowed will find more cool stuff ;)
> I know that this stuff will produce a big amount of work. If i get
> official support from the TYPO3 Team (i don`t know who is responsible
> for this stuff?) i will try to manage this.
> But at first i want to know what you think about this topic.
> I want _YOUR_ feedback. After a first tweet [5], i`ve get very fast
> feedback from our Reverend [6] and Julle [7]. DKD is always ready to
> host a bug day.
> This are just my 2 cents about this topic. Now i love to hear your
> opinion about the / my additional ideas.
> All the best,
> Andy
> [1] https://review.typo3.org/#/q/status:open+project:TYPO3v4/Core,n,z
> [2] http://wiki.typo3.org/BugDay
> [3] https://connect.sensiolabs.com/
> [4] http://typo3.org/support/professional-services/
> [5] https://twitter.com/#!/andygrunwald/status/200264945940709378
> [6] https://twitter.com/#!/T3RevNeverEnd/status/200267467052953600
> [7] https://twitter.com/#!/christianjul/status/200270878951489539

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