[TYPO3-core] Reanimation of the TYPO3 bug day

Andy Grunwald [wmdb] andy_grunwald at arcor.de
Wed May 9 23:03:25 CEST 2012

I think this month is a little bit to early to make it "better" than the 
others. This need some time to prepare different stuff.
In my dream, we make a "We are back after a big sleep and we do it 
right". ;)

Another idea could be a "bug weekend" every quarter of a year. 
Codespring like.

Am 09.05.2012 22:52, schrieb Philipp Gampe:
> Hi Andy,
> Big +1 ... I was about to write the same mail a few days ago, but then as
> distracted by other things.
> May 25th would be the next candidate according to the wiki.
> Cheers
> Phil
> Andy Grunwald [wmdb] wrote:
>> Hey @ all,
>> today i browsed through the pending patches in Gerrit [1].
>> My first impression was "wow, there are so much patches with an +1
>> verified AND +1 code review, where are the devs to commit this?".
>> At the moment there are eight sites only for TYPO3/Core.
>> In summary, that are round about 195 pending patches (7 sites per 25
>> patches, 1 site per 20 patches). Yeah, i know, some patches are for more
>> than one branch. SO, this number has to redruce a little bit.
>> Fact is, that are "to much" ;)
>> At this time, i`ve remembered, that there was a TYPO3 Bug day.
>> In the wiki i`ve found some sites for it. [2]
>> So, the last one was in August 2011. Sad :(
>> I don`t know why this event fell in sleep.
>> * To few contributers / activity?
>> * Because this event was on a normal working day and many guys get no
>> free from his company (it was a normal friday afaik)?
>> * Who knows some (other) reasons?
>> Okay, thats history. But we live in the presence.
>> As i already said, i like the base idea of this event. To make it clear,
>> in my opinion this event is to get progress at the TYPO3 project and fix
>> bugs, introduce some new features and _OF COURSE_ to get in touch with
>> the community and girls and guys in your neighbourhood.
>> Because we like and love TYPO3, like and love the girls and guys and our
>> daily work is based on this system.
>> So why we do not reanimate this event? This is what i`m talking about in
>> this post. I like to "reinvent" the TYPO3 bugday. The base idea is the
>> same but the stuff around is more about community and people.
>> But why reinvent? I would like to change some things (yes of course,
>> this are only some ideas from me and i don`t know if they will work, but
>> i think we can give this a try).
>> I like to have ...
>> * more (official) communication about this event (the result is
>> transparency, too!)
>> * more (statistics) numbers about the progress at this event (people
>> love to see what they have created / finished)
>> * every time a full list of _ALL_ contributers of this day (contribution
>> can be code, food, rooms, sleeping rooms, motivation, ...)
>> * a list of all fixed gremmlins / finished stuff of the day
>> * a small ranking system / badge system (e.g. foursquare, SensioLabs
>> Connect [3], ...) based on some statistics (heaviest contributer, place
>> of the most contributions, place with the most core devs, most active
>> community member during all bug days, and so on ..., people love fame)
>> * some "presents" sponsored by the association / company sponsors (this
>> must not be big presents, e.g. a t-shirt, some stickers, a poster form
>> the last dev days, a small post card from the "ghost of the week" and
>> his hometown? ;), some home brewn beer from MOC DK, a barcamp ticket,
>> whatever ;) (presents are motivating stuff!)
>> * some kind of "i wish this bug get fixed" or a voting (community
>> based). Perhaps this could be a second "bug auction" or something like
>> this * "direct" communication with our sponsors [4] / companies to provide
>> some devs
>> * ...
>> This are only some small ideas which are collected very fast from my
>> head. I think the crowed will find more cool stuff ;)
>> I know that this stuff will produce a big amount of work. If i get
>> official support from the TYPO3 Team (i don`t know who is responsible
>> for this stuff?) i will try to manage this.
>> But at first i want to know what you think about this topic.
>> I want _YOUR_ feedback. After a first tweet [5], i`ve get very fast
>> feedback from our Reverend [6] and Julle [7]. DKD is always ready to
>> host a bug day.
>> This are just my 2 cents about this topic. Now i love to hear your
>> opinion about the / my additional ideas.
>> All the best,
>> Andy
>> [1] https://review.typo3.org/#/q/status:open+project:TYPO3v4/Core,n,z
>> [2] http://wiki.typo3.org/BugDay
>> [3] https://connect.sensiolabs.com/
>> [4] http://typo3.org/support/professional-services/
>> [5] https://twitter.com/#!/andygrunwald/status/200264945940709378
>> [6] https://twitter.com/#!/T3RevNeverEnd/status/200267467052953600
>> [7] https://twitter.com/#!/christianjul/status/200270878951489539

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