[TYPO3-core] Minutes of the 6.0 release team meeting

Thomas Maroschik tmaroschik at dfau.de
Thu Jul 19 11:43:07 CEST 2012

Hi Team,

Here just a short addition of the needed steps for namespace refactoring:


* Rename all classes according to the spreadsheet
* Change all references to renamed classnames
* Move all files to their new path according to Extbase file specs
* Change file paths in strings to new paths
* Resolve bugs
* Adopt Autoloader to new requirements


* Place a dummy file in the old location that logs the require as 
deprecated and tells the new classname
* Build a class alias registry
* Rerefecence configuration keys containing new filenames to the old ones

I think by that compatibility is a much smaller issue. For extension 
developers a webservice could be offerend that changes their extensions 
to the new class names.

For the process I would suggest to open a new branch where the current 
master gets refactored once and every new change in master merged and 
adopted to the new circumstances. This can be done mostly automatically, 
as the refactored doesn't change things that are already changed. By the 
feature freeze the branch could be merged into master and a week of 
stabilisation could beginn, where at the end a beta1 gets released.

Tell me your opinion.

Thanks in advance,


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