[TYPO3-core] More strict convention for typoscript naming

Marcus Schwemer typo3 at schwemer.de
Sat Jul 14 18:47:51 CEST 2012


Am 14.07.12 12:03, schrieb Dominique Feyer:
> So finaly, we have (in my point of view):
> 1. Move to lowerCamelCase, and deprecated the old API
> 2. Do a migration wizard (based on the RTE one)
> 3. Speak with the documentation team on how to handle this
> 4. Core patch must come with documentation patch
> Do you agree ?

Yes => because this would be the way to go
No => because Jigal and Xavier brought in valid concerns, I'd like to 
hear more opinions before starting the work. Overall it is a major 
change, so we need to have the best consensus we can achieve.


> Philipp Gampe wrote:
>> If I followed the discussion correctly, then we pretty much agreed on
>> lowerCamelCase.
>> @all Is that correct?
> Completly correct and a stric lowerCamelCase CSS -> Css, JS -> Js no
> exception, like in FLOW3 with MVC -> Mvc
>>> > BTW I really find it great that ideas like this are discussed in lists
>>> > such as this one. Keep 'm coming!
>> +1 more brainstorming helps to find the best way to go.
> This is the power of the ML, thanks you
> Bests,
> Dominique

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