[TYPO3-core] TYPO3-CI: Activation of a new CGL-Sniff "Squiz.WhiteSpace.SemicolonSpacing" in ci.typo3.org (gerrit slave)

Roland most.wanted at gmx.at
Wed Jul 4 21:15:10 CEST 2012

great! thanks.

kind regards


"Andy Grunwald [wmdb]" <andy_grunwald at arcor.de> wrote:
> Hey Roland,
> we will check your sniff and will activated in the next "activation run".
> I think this will be around the weekend.
> We don`t want to activate many sniffs in one run, because if we got
> trouble with the builds it is much more easier to determine the error.
> I hope you undertand this.
> Thanks!
> Andy

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