[TYPO3-core] Outstanding Tasks for 4.7

Christian Welzel gawain at camlann.de
Tue Feb 21 12:56:22 CET 2012

Am 21.02.2012 12:16, schrieb Markus Klein:

> As stated in gerrit, there's a small CGL issue and the major problem
> is that the patch lacks a proper hook-subscriber. We cannot remove
> functionality.

But the code must be removed, otherwise TYPO3 ist not correcly licensed
and unfree as its not GPL compliant. See the links provided in the bug
report. I would like to have a correctly licensed TYPO3 rather than an
unfree one with (imho unneccessary) functionality.
What is that cgl issue? i will fix it.

 MfG, Christian Welzel

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