[TYPO3-core] TYPO3 4.7 Feature freeze coming closing

Steffen Ritter steffen.ritter at typo3.org
Mon Feb 13 09:41:49 CET 2012

Am 12.02.2012 21:23, schrieb Jigal van Hemert:
> Hi,
> On 4-2-2012 11:16, Steffen Ritter wrote:
>> this is a short reminder that the feature freeze for the Upcoming
>> version is coming close. There are 9 days to go, until wewill release
>> TYPO3 4.7beta1
> I've missed the usual lists by the RM with issues which need patches and
> patches which need reviews (but maybe my Thunderbird has decided to hide
> them?)
> Anyway, I have a series of small "features" for felogin which need some
> reviews for inclusion in 4.7:
> - https://review.typo3.org/8918 [FEATURE][CONF] Various messages in
> felogin need own stdWrap
> - https://review.typo3.org/8873 [FEATURE] felogin: Introduce new label
> for the legend marker
> - https://review.typo3.org/7503 [FEATURE] Add hook to process forgot
> password mail
https://review.typo3.org/6972 [TASK] Remove old code related to the 
extension tstemplate_styler
https://review.typo3.org/#change,1799 [TASK] Remove unused files and 
deprecated code from Core
https://review.typo3.org/#change,8888 [FEATURE] Add subjectField to Form 
Wizard TS

Due to gerrit this is quite easy, isnt it? One Big favor instead of the 
core list, you can search and filter.
Steffen Ritter
Release Manager TYPO3 4.7

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