[TYPO3-core] TYPO3 4.7 Feature freeze coming closing

Steffen Ritter steffen.ritter at typo3.org
Sat Feb 4 11:16:30 CET 2012

Dear developers,

this is a short reminder that the feature freeze for the Upcoming 
version is coming close. There are 9 days to go, until wewill release 
TYPO3 4.7beta1

Please check the state of your projects and developments and submit your 
pending features to the Gerrit Review system on review.typo3.org

As the Introduction Package and the Government Package have to get a 
facelift according the new features and functionality within 4.7 as well 
as a last testing is to be done we most likely will announce a Merge 
Freeze as of monday, 13th February.

If you have stuff, you consider to add on last minute please get in 
touch with me soon.

Anyhow: If there are pending features on Gerrit, or you just pushed 
something new feel free to add it to this thread, giving others a better 
overview about what to come.

You have any further questions left? Feel free to ask me directly!

kind regards

Steffen Ritter
Steffen Ritter
Release Manager TYPO3 4.7

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