[TYPO3-core] Visual standard for backend modules

Mattias Nilsson tollepjaer at gmail.com
Sat Dec 1 00:18:37 CET 2012

  Soren I am always up for some coding! Maybe we can have a brainstorming?
Den 30 nov 2012 19:54 skrev "Søren Malling" <soren.malling at gmail.com>:

> Hi all,
> Long mail short:
> "How about having the usability team to form a visual standard for backend
> modules?"
> Think about it.. We are having many great backend modules, but they all
> differ in there different visual look. Some of them due to hard
> maintainable code and some for other reasons.
> Many UI improvements was merged into the latest release and those little
> color and position changes are great. How about we try and set a visual
> standard (we already got a CGL) for core backend modules (at least) and
> give other backend module developers a easy way of reusing the concept.
> Think about it, as a Fluid layout with different sections based on the UI
> of backend modules.
> At the same time of setting a visual standard, it might get us to rethink
> the way we look at the backend today.
> Maybe it's time to move the action buttons to the bottom of the screen?
> Introduce <marquee> for some weird stuff?
> Get rid of the submodule <select> and instead use tabs or different?
> Maybe the topbar could be used for other modules (username giving easy
> access to User Settings, Dashboard etc., and remove modules from left side)?
> Maybe the <blink>-tag could get a revival?
> So what is needed to "get things done" - or at least get it kickstarted?
> First of all, we need feedback from the usability team and core team, that
> this could be a official project for ex. 6.1 or 6.2. We will sit down and
> define a standard, nice-to-haves/need-to-haves etc.
> And as things gets decided great coding forces will be added to the
> mixture, implementing these great descissions and changes.
> If this will be accepted as a official project, with the support from
> core- and usability team mentioned above, I will like to take the task as
> leader for this project and gather people - unless someone else feels more
> like it, then we can fight over it?! :-)
> Let me get your feedback, I can handle the truth! :-)
> Have a nice weekend, and whatever comes your way!
> Cheers,
> Soren
> Twitter: twitter.com/sorenmalling
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