[TYPO3-core] Good defaults for the New CE Wizard

Felix Kopp felix-source at phorax.com
Mon Aug 13 12:46:40 CEST 2012

On 13.08.12 11:54, Jigal van Hemert wrote:
> Hi,
> http://forge.typo3.org/issues/34298
> This issue wants to add the Indexed Search plugin to the list of plugins
> which are directly available in the New CE Wizard.
> IMO this plugin is only needed once or twice in an entire website and
> can easily be added with a click more.
> Besides, if people desperately want to add it to the New CE Wizard it
> can be configured in mod.wizards.newContentElement.wizardItems.
> What do you think? Add it to the New CE Wizard directly or not?

Morning Jigal,

thank you for starting this thread to get the discussion more organized.
In my opinion the whole concept of adding plugins after a second click 
must be removed completely and unified with the "standard" elements.

Since we  have the tabbed wizard as a default now all secondary plugins 
should be moved into a tab and displayed right from the beginning. That 
tab could keep the current title "Plug-Ins" but should include all 
elements that now must be added from within the generic content element.

Why hide those plug-ins at all?
First there is no need from a usability and user perspective to hide 
those elements at all. Even when more than ten elements are available to 
be used only once/twice somewhere in a project a "normal" editor would 
most probably not see those due to privilege limitations. Admins can 
have *one tab where 10+ items are displayed. I at least would rather 
have one long tab with multiple items than not be able to find those.

Add wizard layout: The Plug-Ins tab could also be longer (pixel-wise) 
than the other standard tabs - because the whole "Add content element" 
container does not inherit the longest content but every tab gets it's 
own length. So layout also is no blocker.

Usability: Adding "hacky 2 click" special plugins is not only for 
editors and integrations a hurdle but might also for admins. The process 
as integrated right now includes: Adding "Special Plugin", new empty 
plugin is added. Going to the unknown tab where the plugin type must be 
selected - and not the "Type" field.
Even admins that don't know the second tab might get stuck here because 
the add wizard does not redirect to the second tab after creation. I see 
a need for the two-step wizard at all here.

Edit existing content element: To change an existing plugin there are 
two different spots where the content element type or plugin must be 
changed. This should in my opinion also be integrated into one central 
place when striving for further consistency.
I would expect the special plug-ins to be in the "Type" select field. 
They might be moved to a off-side option group below "Special" - I'd 
prefer "Special" option group and "Plug-Ins".

To sum it up my preferred solution is to
1) remove/hide the Plug-In tab within content elements of type Plug-In
	and to move those into a separate option group in type select.
2) migrate all special plug-ins from the wizard into the plug-in tab
	with icon - to be clickable right from the wizard.


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