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Steffen Gebert steffen.gebert at typo3.org
Mon Aug 6 09:42:28 CEST 2012

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I'm for

TYPO3 is the umbrella project and we I say the product is the CMS atm,
because it has no other name. Everything else will have its own name,
like TYPO3\FLOW3, TYPO3\PhoenixReplacement, etc.

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Am 8/4/12 6:12 PM, schrieb Tobias Liebig:
> Hej,
> I had the same issue how to name things a while ago while working
> on TYPO3.Surf. I choosed 'TYPO3CMS' for v4/6 as 'TYPO3' was already
> taken for 'Phoenix' distributions. Although I didnt like 'TYPO3CMS'
> for v4/6 installation. And i really do not like the decision to
> takeaway 'TYPO3' for the so called Phoenix. however i guess this is
> a general naming and marketing issue as TYPO3 is our vendorname,
> brand and productname at the same time. There was already some
> discussion about te productnames in the community, but currently
> nobody seems to care, although its a really big issue and tough
> challange!
> Beside of that: Namespace-Suggestions. I clearly see 'TYPO3' as our
> vendorname. So what about \TYPO3\CMS\ \TYPO3\TYPO3\ \TYPO3\Legacy\ 
> ?
> I'm really curious about your decision at the end of the day and
> looking forward to the discussions afterwards. Prepare to change
> the name once again ;-)
> regards Tobias
> Am 04.08.2012 um 12:43 schrieb Oliver Hader
> <oliver.hader at typo3.org>:
>> Hey everybody,
>> ... and thanks for your detailed explanation and feedback so
>> far. Currently we (Tom, Susi, Christian and me) are sitting in
>> Fürth/DE to finalize the namespace schemes for TYPO3 6.0.
>> However, one question still is basically unanswered - it's about
>> our own namespace for "the current TYPO3" - "\TYPO3" is used by
>> FLOW3 and Phoenix already, and if we once want to include FLOW3
>> packages to TYPO3 6.x/7.x, we will face conflicts (e.g.
>> \TYPO3\Fluid which would be available in both projects, however
>> with different source code).
>> Thus, for TYPO3 6.0 we have currently two alternatives for
>> "\TYPO3": * \T3 (example \T3\Backend\..., \T3\Fluid, ...) *
>> \TYPO3CMS (example \TYPO3CMS\Backend\..., \T3\Fluid\...)
>> We are going to take the decision today be able to continue with
>> the whole task and be ready until the feature freeze in some
>> days...
>> So, if you have objections, questions, ideas or suggestions -
>> then please speak up now. Thanks in advance for any feedback!
>> Cheers, Olly
>> Am 24.07.12 00:07, schrieb Christian Kuhn:
>>> So, what do we aim for? - Goal is a clean namespacing for all
>>> classes in the core, for example under main topic '\TYPO3CMS' -
>>> Goal is to become more close to the FLOW3 project, we want more
>>> easy transition of code, and maybe even load packages from
>>> FLOW3 as is, or the other way around - We want no more naming
>>> clashes - Goal is a clearly separated and indistinguishable
>>> naming scheme for all core and core extension classes - Goal is
>>> to get rid of evil class names that do not say a thing like 
>>> 't3lib_div' or 't3lib_tsStyleConfig' or 'tslib_content'. - Goal
>>> is to define an easy definition for namespaces like 
>>> \vendor\extension to further reduce possible clashes
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