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Tobias Liebig tobias.liebig at typo3.org
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I had the same issue how to name things a while ago while working on TYPO3.Surf.
I choosed 'TYPO3CMS' for v4/6 as 'TYPO3' was already taken for 'Phoenix' distributions. Although I didnt like 'TYPO3CMS' for v4/6 installation. And i really do not like the decision to takeaway 'TYPO3' for the so called Phoenix.
however i guess this is a general naming and marketing issue as TYPO3 is our vendorname, brand and productname at the same time. There was already some discussion about te productnames in the community, but currently nobody seems to care, although its a really big issue and tough challange!

Beside of that: Namespace-Suggestions.
I clearly see 'TYPO3' as our vendorname.
So what about 

I'm really curious about your decision at the end of the day and looking forward to the discussions afterwards. Prepare to change the name once again ;-)


P.S.: i already send this mail on saturday to Oli, but was unable to post it in public from my mobile phone.
I'm really curious about your decision!

Am 04.08.2012 um 12:43 schrieb Oliver Hader <oliver.hader at typo3.org>:

> Hey everybody,
> ... and thanks for your detailed explanation and feedback so far.
> Currently we (Tom, Susi, Christian and me) are sitting in Fürth/DE to
> finalize the namespace schemes for TYPO3 6.0.
> However, one question still is basically unanswered - it's about our own
> namespace for "the current TYPO3" - "\TYPO3" is used by FLOW3 and
> Phoenix already, and if we once want to include FLOW3 packages to TYPO3
> 6.x/7.x, we will face conflicts (e.g. \TYPO3\Fluid which would be
> available in both projects, however with different source code).
> Thus, for TYPO3 6.0 we have currently two alternatives for "\TYPO3":
> * \T3 (example \T3\Backend\..., \T3\Fluid, ...)
> * \TYPO3CMS (example \TYPO3CMS\Backend\..., \T3\Fluid\...)
> We are going to take the decision today be able to continue with the
> whole task and be ready until the feature freeze in some days...
> So, if you have objections, questions, ideas or suggestions - then
> please speak up now. Thanks in advance for any feedback!
> Cheers,
> Olly
> Am 24.07.12 00:07, schrieb Christian Kuhn:
>> So, what do we aim for?
>> - Goal is a clean namespacing for all classes in the core, for example
>> under main topic '\TYPO3CMS'
>> - Goal is to become more close to the FLOW3 project, we want more easy
>> transition of code, and maybe even load packages from FLOW3 as is, or
>> the other way around
>> - We want no more naming clashes
>> - Goal is a clearly separated and indistinguishable naming scheme for
>> all core and core extension classes
>> - Goal is to get rid of evil class names that do not say a thing like
>> 't3lib_div' or 't3lib_tsStyleConfig' or 'tslib_content'.
>> - Goal is to define an easy definition for namespaces like
>> \vendor\extension to further reduce possible clashes
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