[TYPO3-core] Call for help: Migrate core extensions to extbase

Christian Kuhn lolli at schwarzbu.ch
Wed Apr 4 21:40:37 CEST 2012

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Hey there.

This is a call for help migrating further core extensions to extbase and 
solving other tasks in this area.

By basing more core extensions on extbase we gain a massive improvement 
in code quality and can make those extensions maintainable again. The 
overall goal is to drastically simplify refactoring. This is especially 
useful if we want to be able to manage broader UI reconstructions.

Starting with TYPO3 4.7 two good old modules are based on extbase, 
namely about and aboutmodules. Those two were a starting point to see 
how this task works out. Meanwhile, another module, the backend log 
(belog) is pending to be merged [1]. With those three extensions it is 
now possible to see the general direction and to base the work on more 
shoulders than just one.

Based on the work that has been done, several tasks pop up that could be 
managed by different people at the same time. This is what comes to my 
mind already, there are possibly more:

- Extract core models from specific extensions and stuff them to extbase 
(like fe_users) to be available for everyone. belog already creates some 
models, sys_log for example.

- With the three extensions a bunch of BE view helpers was created. They 
should be reviewed if they are generally useful, unit tests should be 
added and then tests and view helpers merged to fluid. Further general 
BE view helpers will be needed, too.

- We need a quicker process to raise git submodule pointers if we tie 
extbase / fluid with core.

- Make extbase + fluid required extensions and take care that dummy and 
other packages still run without problems.

- Actually migrate more extensions (we should create a list which 
extensions are feasible and who takes care of it)

- We need good (functional + architectural) reviews! Nitpicking without 
pushing new patch set is not(!) enough.

- With belog I created a pretty ugly hack to bootstrap extbase as a 
module-function-ext plugin (the log view below web->info). It would be 
great if extbase could handle this alone, at best by migrating 'info' 
(same for other modules) itself to extbase, while still maintaining a 
compatible path for 'old' modules.

- We already stumbled upon some issues that should be changed / fixed / 
finished in extbase and more will evolve. Some of them must and some 
should be solved.

It would be great if some of you could step in at this point and could 
catch up with the development for 6.0 in this area. So: Who wants to put 
its name to one of the above, or additional tasks in the whole 'migrate 
to extbase' task list?


[1] https://review.typo3.org/#/c/9729/

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