[TYPO3-core] 404 error for icon 'empty-empty'

Markus Klein klein.t3 at mfc-linz.at
Wed Sep 28 07:34:40 CEST 2011


I'm investigating the following situation (on 4.5.7-dev):
The server logs report several 404 errors when trying to access "typo3/gfx/empty-empty".
After some research I found that this icon name is set hardcoded in t3lib_tceforms line 4887 and that this occurs in connection with the rendering of multiple select boxes for foreign tables.
(e.g. be_users -> usergroups)

t3lib_tceforms Code:

	$iField = $TCA[$f_table]['ctrl']['selicon_field'];
	$iPath = trim($TCA[$f_table]['ctrl']['selicon_field_path']);


	// Prepare the icon if available:
	if ($iField && $iPath && $row[$iField]) {
		$iParts = t3lib_div::trimExplode(',', $row[$iField], 1);
		$icon = '../' . $iPath . '/' . trim($iParts[0]);
	} elseif (t3lib_div::inList('singlebox,checkbox', $fieldValue['config']['renderMode'])) {
		$icon = t3lib_iconWorks::mapRecordTypeToSpriteIconName($f_table, $row);
	} else {
4887:		$icon = 'empty-empty';

Line 4887 is obviously executed if the 'selicon_field' configuration is not present for the requested table. (Which is the case for be_groups.)

Has anybody a clue if this is intended, or which component should actually take care of _not_ passing this invalid icon name to the HTML output?

Kind regards

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