[TYPO3-core] [TYPO3-v4] Announcing TYPO3 4.6 beta3

Xavier Perseguers xavier at typo3.org
Tue Sep 20 15:49:27 CEST 2011

Dear TYPO3 friends,

Today, the community released the third and last beta version of TYPO3 4.6.

More than 60 bugs and tasks have been fixed/done. This beta3 release 
gives you the opportunity to test what we have achieved so far, see the 
new features in action and report issues you might encounter.

Keep in mind that this is a developer "snapshot" and should not yet be
used in production. The final release of 4.6.0 is scheduled for October, 
25th 2011.

The packages can be downloaded here:

For details about the release, please see:

MD5 checksums:

05b92c2396022903c2a1e6d80387a1ed  blankpackage-4.6.0beta3.tar.gz
e27a6b42d88e8e9418c3af1ce765fad0  blankpackage-4.6.0beta3.zip
0622af1faff99ef3ef7e30d29fef6c1d  dummy-4.6.0beta3.tar.gz
b9f9d59263641800482adb15982555e0  dummy-4.6.0beta3.zip
b519ba4a61aa7418bbbc4c88d7083d11  introductionpackage-4.6.0beta3.tar.gz
6fb5a848927db9524b8a68fd2e6ea7bf  introductionpackage-4.6.0beta3.zip
d0cac3d504bc6b70bfdaa05369ebe200  typo3_src+dummy-4.6.0beta3.zip
b6fad8690c8549c80164260344712b97  typo3_src-4.6.0beta3.tar.gz
ab2be7cd4144156fca89e95b3e45425c  typo3_src-4.6.0beta3.zip


Xavier Perseguers
Release Manager TYPO3 4.6

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