[TYPO3-core] openssl als required PHP extension

Xavier Perseguers xavier at typo3.org
Fri Oct 21 08:13:35 CEST 2011

Hi Steffen,

> So to come to a point: Although it might be good to require openssl
> extension, it has (except faster rand generator, secure smtp mail
> transport, better salted passwords implementation) no real benefits,
> when having its introduction because of saltedpasswords in mind.
> saltedpasswords can also run with a command line openssl binary.

Let's discuss that on Skype with a few other persons or during this we 
as you suggested in Gerrit.

Adding new requirements is not something I'd like to have to. On *nix 
systems I'd say that OpenSSL is not a big deal but even there, security 
policy may make access to the /dev/urandom device possibly a problem. On 
Windows, it's - let's face it - not totally trivial to make it run.

> Currently, this fact is *not* mentioned in the Release Notes!

What is missing may still be added there :)


Xavier Perseguers
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