[TYPO3-core] TCE limited after caching vs. templavoila API

Andrej Maya A.Maya at esolut.de
Mon Nov 28 16:04:23 CET 2011

Dear list,


This is actually a general issue explained on a example of the templavoila API function.


Why the TCA array is shrinking after a page reload (page was cached). 


In the ds_getExpandedDataStructure function of the class.tx_templavoila_api.php file is following code:


            t3lib_div::loadTCA ($table);

            $conf = $TCA[$table]['columns']['tx_templavoila_flex']['config'];



$table is 'pages' in that case.


I'm reloading my page which uses this api function and count($TCA[$table]['columns']) is for example 64 after that I'm hiting F5 and the count($TCA[$table]['columns']) is only 44 à without any additional fields from extensions and so on.

But the loadTCA function should read the whole temp_CACHED*** files.



Could anybody figure out whats the problem is in that case?Is my description comprehensible?



Andrej Maya


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