[TYPO3-core] Change procedure revisited

Ernesto Baschny [cron IT] ernst at cron-it.de
Tue Nov 22 16:07:50 CET 2011

Jigal van Hemert schrieb am 19.11.2011 16:30:

> Can we have some "official", documented statement about the correct
> procedure to submit a patch and apply it to various branches.
> AFAIK the latest procedure was to push it to master first and after it
> was merged the poor guy/girl who couldn't resist pushing the the submit
> button has to port it to the next lower branch.
> Judging from comments in Gerrit this procedure is not clear, because
> some think that it should be pushed to all branches simultaneously, some
> think the committer has to keep track and backport, etc.
> I'm not a fan of having loads of rules and regulations, but in cases
> like this it helps to fight confusion.

So that it is not "lost"; I opened an issue to document this policy here:


I will still make a suggestion about it, but have no time this week. But
in the meantime you could add further comments and opinions in the
mentioned issue.

Thanks for your help!


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