[TYPO3-core] openssl als required PHP extension

Steffen Gebert steffen.gebert at typo3.org
Mon Nov 7 18:28:03 CET 2011


>> OT: the URL differs between production and dev context:
>> One of them has a "/" in between the exception and v4.
> Wahoo! I guess I forgot about this if I got it once...
>> I sporadically added some hints to some exception where I did know the
>> reason and the fix. However I mostly did in debug mode and thus those
>> might
>> not be found if someone follows the production URL.

This concept was somehow brought up by Ernesto, in order to have the 
possibility to redirect the target pages to different URLs. After 
looking into the code, there should not only be a difference of a "/", 
but the string "debug/" should be added to the link
TYPO3_URL_EXCEPTION . 'debug/' . $exception->getCode()
TYPO3_URL_EXCEPTION . $exception->getCode()

I asked to create the accordant redirect URLs to the wiki (meaning that 
it redirects to the same wiki page, independent of the exception 
handler), and I also asked for feedback on core-internals (26.03.2011), 
whether the schema is good the way it was planed, before implementing 
it. As there was no feedback, I just stopped any work on this.

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