[TYPO3-core] openssl als required PHP extension

Helmut Hummel helmut.hummel at typo3.org
Sun Nov 6 20:40:18 CET 2011


On 06.11.11 20:16, Simon Schaufelberger (Schaufi) wrote:

> #1318283565: No OpenSSL backend could be obtained for rsaauth.
> t3lib_error_Exception thrown in file
> ...\typo3\sysext\rsaauth\hooks\class.tx_rsaauth_loginformhook.php in
> line 64.
> i dont really understand this error message...

It means that the php openSSL extension is not available or not properly 

If the PHP openSSL extension is available in your PHP installation, you 
may want to read the PHP docs[1] on how to properly set it up for Windows.

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