[TYPO3-core] How to set up Git GUI client with SSH-RSA key on Windows

Thomas "Thasmo" Deinhamer thasmo at gmail.com
Tue May 31 02:27:12 CEST 2011


I'm trying to set up git on Windows,
I'Ve tried TortoiseGIT and the Git GUI,
but it seems not to work.

I can clone the repository, but if I
wanna commit to the remote repository
the connection gets closed or something.

I believe this is because Git GUI or
TortoiseGit are missing or don't find
a private SSH-RSA key.

So I was wondering (as I think Git GUI
is cleaner/simpler than TortoiseGit)
how to configure Git GUI on Windows
with a correct SSH-RSA key?

I already got the keys and also entered
the public key on review.typo3.org, but
I'm not sure where to put the private key file
and how to tell Git GUI about it.

Sorry if this is the wrong group!

Thanks for your help!


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