[TYPO3-core] Gerrit and new review policy for TYPO3 v4 Core

Peter Niederlag typo3-list at niekom.de
Tue Mar 29 18:30:48 CEST 2011


Am 29.03.2011 10:09, schrieb Karsten Dambekalns:
> Hi.
> Exactly, I usually step through the files looking only at the
> difference to the last patch set I reviewed (patch history option on
> top of the diff view). Only trivial changes means I can repeat my
> vote; non-trivial changes mean another verification before voting.

watch out when comparing the last version of a patch with a prior 
version. If the patch was rebased to a more recent master(because of 
conflicts) the difference beetween version x-1 and x is likely to lead 
to wrong conclusions!

As a general rule:
* the patch was revised due to some comments: check the diff between the 
versions of the patch
* the patch needed to be updated/rebased onto current master: check the 
diff between base and most recent version

Peter Niederlag
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