[TYPO3-core] Gerrit and new review policy for TYPO3 v4 Core

Steffen Gebert steffen.gebert at typo3.org
Mon Mar 28 21:02:43 CEST 2011


>OTOH we could say that we are
> responsible enough and be allowed to give a +2, while waiting for
> another +1 to happen, and push only then.

Below the list of votes, Gerrit shows, which reviews are still needed:
* Need Verified +2 (Verified by team member)
* Need Code Review +2 (Looks good to me, approved)

This information would not be shown anymore. Don't know, if sb. would 
otherwise think that there are enough votes, if this text isn't shown 
but checkmarks instead of the +1s.

Kind regards

Steffen Gebert
TYPO3 v4 Core Team Member

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