[TYPO3-core] Correct way to send reminders with gerrit

Bjoern Pedersen bjoern.pedersen at frm2.tum.de
Wed Mar 23 10:30:19 CET 2011

Am 23.03.2011 10:23, schrieb "Christian Müller (Kitsunet)":
> On 23.03.2011 10:13, Bjoern Pedersen wrote:
>> Hi,
>> The introduction of git/gerrit changed the handling of patch requests.
>> Is there already some recommended policy to send reminders for patches
>> sitting in the queue (as was possible on the core list)?
>> Best regards,
>>   Björn
> If you review yourself (no score just commenting with something like
> "push") it should move the change to the top of the queue as it was
> changed.
> Christian
Yes, that would be a possibility. Are there recommendations about the
time to wait before a push ( in core list  it was 14days, IIRC).


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