[TYPO3-core] RFC: #14430: disable_controls = list makes fields 'write_once'

Alexander Stehlik alexander.stehlik at googlemail.com
Sun Mar 13 13:06:29 CET 2011

Improved patch was submitted to Gerrit.


This is my first commit to Gerrit, so please don't be to hard on me if 
there are any mistakes :)

Kind regards,

Am 15.02.2011 22:25, schrieb Alexander Stehlik:
> Reminder #1
> Am 07.02.2011 13:01, schrieb Alexander Stehlik:
>> Hi Steffen,
>> thank you for your input.
>>> All. An editor doesn't know of this setting, what would result in an
>>> inconsistent behavior. If you can select only one element, I prefer to
>>> replace it in every field (or nowhere, as it is currently - but that's
>>> IMHO the worse variant).
>> This sounds very reasonable :). So this means all fields of the type
>> "group" will need this feature, including "db", "file" and "folder". I
>> modified the patch accordingly.
>>> No, of course not. Direct upload and Element Browser should behave the
>>> same way. Before introducing a half-baked solution, this has to be
>>> fixed, too.
>> Please find the attached patch that also takes care of the Element
>> Browser.
>> One thing that is a bit hacky is the clearing of the file upload field.
>> Because of security reasons it is not possible to set the value of an
>> input field of type "file". Thats why I used the solution from:
>> http://gusiev.com/2009/04/clear-upload-file-input-field/
>> I tested in Firefox an IE8.
>> Kind regards,
>> Alex

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