[TYPO3-core] URL for fetching changed?

Peter Niederlag typo3-list at niekom.de
Fri Mar 11 11:52:15 CET 2011


Am 11.03.2011 11:22, schrieb Steffen Kamper:
> Hi,
> there are several ways to fetch - see the links above the url. If you
> click on ssh you'll see same url you mentioned.
> If you configured everything, ssj is used anyway, so you can use normal
> fetch url.

If you configured everything as suggested, ssh is used for *push* only, 
you are advised to use *git://git.typo3.org* for *fetch* (pull= fetch + 
merge|rebase) but using ssh for fetch works just the very same. ;)

The whole confusion starts because *ssh://review.typo3.org* (plus port 
plus username) is needed for *push* (writing) but as it is not really 
capable/efficient to handle read operations and also requires an 
ssh-key, therfor *fetch* (reading) should happen via 
*git://git.typo3.org*, but actually *fetch* via *ssh://review.typo3.org* 
  (plus port plus username) works as well for devs with pub key on 



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