[TYPO3-core] Migration to GIT *today*, closing SVN for TYPO3v4

Johannes Feustel j at feustel.eu
Tue Mar 8 10:51:42 CET 2011

Am 08.03.11 10:28, schrieb François Suter:
> Hi,
>> I've just tried to push my first change to Gerrit and it failed because
>> it says that "fsuter(atatatatat)cobweb.ch" is not a committer. Indeed on
>> review.typo3.org my registered mail appears as
>> "francois(atatatatat)typo3.org". Although I set my typo3.org mail
>> locally with git config, that doesn't seem to help. OTOH I know that my
>> "cobweb.ch" address is the one used for my typo3.org account, but
>> curiously not be review.typo3.org.
> FYI the problem is resolved. It was indeed a question of having the
> right e-mail address registered with review.typo3.org. And I wasn't
> receiving the confirmation mails when trying to register the right
> address, because they got caught in the spam filter, which I forgot to
> check.
> My first push has now arrived safely. I just hope I did it right :-)
> Cheers

I doubt that this will work. It seems that the registered email address 
in gerrit gets overwritten with the one entered in
from time to time.

BTW: Is it really a good idea to include the email addresses in the 
commit message? Since it is printed out without any spam protection. See


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