[TYPO3-core] git troubles: not allowed to upload merges

Peter Niederlag typo3-list at niekom.de
Wed Jun 8 16:45:43 CEST 2011


Am 08.06.2011 16:16, schrieb Georg Ringer:
> Am 08.06.2011 16:13, schrieb Peter Niederlag:
>> Just for curiosity, why would you upload a merge?
> just for cursiosity: How can I create a merge? I did the same as always
> ... ;)

;) pulling without rebase is number one candidate. Any other 'git merge' 
is the next best candidate...

git log --merges

should help you identify the responsible commit

FYI: A merge is a commit that has more than one parent (It joins >two 
different lines of history into one resulting tree).

To me 'gitk' is the most valuable help in these cases.

Did you check 'git log origin/master..HEAD' before pushing? I'd assume 
the merge commit to show up there as well....

Greets and hth,
Peter Niederlag
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