[TYPO3-core] src-, dummy- and blankpackage: back and forth - and forth and back?!

Helmut Schneider jumper99 at gmx.de
Wed Jul 27 16:15:53 CEST 2011


I'm the maintainer of Typo3 on FreeBSD.

Seems with 4.5.3 and 4.4.8 the Typo3 team decided not to provide separate 
packages for src- and dummy- anymore, but only provide a single 
"blankpackage". It took me half a day to rewrite the Makefiles and test the 
new packages.

With 4.5.4 and 4.4.9 it seems that those "blankapckages" are not available 
anymore but only src- and dummy- archives. I did not find any announcement 
about that change.

If I rewrite the Makefiles again over the next few hours (including testing, 
testing and again testing), can I assume that with 4.5.5 and 4.4.10 (or 4.6) 
I still will find src- and dummy- archives or will you again introduce 
"changes" on what packages are downloadable?!

Please forgive my sarcasm but I'm really annoyed.

Thanks, Helmut 

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