[TYPO3-core] A whole "Bug Weekend"?

Philipp Gampe typo3.lists at philippgampe.info
Wed Jul 27 03:26:58 CEST 2011

Hi Steffen et al,

Steffen Gebert wrote:

> as the next weekend is the last before Feature Freeze (Tuesday, 2nd) and
> people want to pimp our good old Bug Days:
> What about having a whole "Bug Weekend" (week? month? kidding..) from
> Friday till Sunday?
I prefer Fr-So.

But please fix announcement then:

> In fact, it would be more a "Feature Weekend" to bring the remaining
> bleeding edge features into 4.6. Of course, nobody can stay for the
> whole time, but as I plan to spend plenty of time over the weekend for
> TYPO3, I think others want to do the same.
> So just everybody, who's active on Friday, Saturday or Sunday: Join the
> chat on Big Blue Button and just "get into the flow" together (oops..
> that's the trademark of some other project ;)).

This link should be in the news entry.

Best regards
Philipp Gampe

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