[TYPO3-core] A +1 needed: Improve record wizard

Georg Ringer typo3 at ringerge.org
Tue Jul 26 16:15:37 CEST 2011


Am 26.07.2011 15:01, schrieb François Suter:
> I really like this feature and I definitely have uses for it, but I
> wonder if the TCA ctrl section is the right place for this. After all
> this is really used only in the display of the new record wizard, so I
> wonder if it shouldn't really be part of the TSconfig rather then the TCA.

IMO it belongs to the table and IMO I don't see why the settings should
be different for different pages.

> It could be something like:
> mod.wizards.newRecord.group.foo.header = Foo
> mod.wizards.newRecord.group.foo.tables = tt_news, tx_news2
> Of course, it's not a one-liner anymore, but it's more consistent IMO,
> in line with what is currently done for the new content element wizard
> (mod.wizards.newContentElement.wizardItems).

If you got the time to do it, yeah go on. Sorry I don't have it and
maybe for 4-7.

Let's improve it step by step ;)


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