[TYPO3-core] i missed the dummy package

Ralf-Rene Schröder ralf.rene at online.de
Wed Jul 6 15:13:11 CEST 2011

Am 06.07.2011 10:03, schrieb Georg Schönweger:
> Hi all,
> For me the dummy package was usefull! If i create a new project than i'm
> used to download the dummy package, extract it, and everything is fine
> because the source is already there and symlinked correctly to the
> extracted dummy package. Now i have to download for each new project
> source+dummy and delete unused source afterwards - or create my own
> dummypackages for each Typo3 version..

that also was my intention to post this topic
my workaround for me is an own dummy (for me no problem)
and for scripts i give away i use the blanc_package with symlinks

so my problems are gone, but i think it would be usefull to have a dummy 
for every version (maybe a new name corosponding blanc_package like 
blanc_skeleton or so - zip without symlinks - tar.gz with symlinks)


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