[TYPO3-core] RFC #5046, #6506: Autocomplete OFF for BE-Login form

Bernhard Kraft kraftb at think-open.at
Thu Dec 31 17:24:40 CET 2009

Felix Oertel wrote:

> We had this discussion about one month ago. Setting the attribut per JS 
> is not valid either, it generates invalid XHTML in the DOM but the 
> validator is not smart enough to see that. ;-)

Ähm. Yes. But I assume this is the case in more situations. Or did you 
do an DOM validation on all code generated by JavaScript???

In my opinion the whole thing must only deliver valid XHTML if you feed 
the URL to some W3C validator. In fact valid XML/HTML only makes sense 
so parsing does not need to take special care about unexpected things. 
So the XML/HTML must just follow the DTD. In this case the DTD is not 
violated except if you would start applying the DTD to the parsed DOM 
tree in the browsers memory ... I guess no browser does this.


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