[TYPO3-core] RFC #12779: Save the previous selected type of backend login in a cookie

Benjamin Mack benni at typo3.org
Mon Dec 28 11:10:13 CET 2009

Hey Sebastian,

here is my review based on testing the patch.

First of all, thanks for the patch.

Second of all: Does anybody know why there is no interface-selector when 
authenticating with openID? (just a bit offtopic, but i'm curious).

Anyway, I like the functionality and this is what I found:

* If you have this in localconf.php:
   $TYPO3_CONF_VARS['BE']['interfaces'] = 'frontend,backend';
then your patch does not work, as the value "backend" is not checked 
for. I also noticed that the patch is limited when having another 
interface like "iPhone app" as interface. So this is fixed by having a 
generic interface selection.

* I upped the cookie expiration to 1 year

* I changed the interface selector observer to also check on "blur", 
because then it also saves the original state if somebody just checks 
the dropdown and does not select an alternative option.

Anyway, good stuff. Sebastian, if you agree with these changes, I would 
commit this patch (v5) to trunk and after checking with Olly, maybe to 4.3.

All the best,

On 28.12.09 09:10, Sebastian Gebhard wrote:
> v4 contains following changes to v3:
> - Added function documentation for the whole class
> - Interface Cookie did not work for backend_old, now it works
> - Renamed typo3-login-testcookie to typo3-login-cookiecheck
> - Minor cleanups
> Kind Reards,
> Sebastian
> Am 26.11.2009 16:59, schrieb Sebastian Gebhard:
>> This is an SVN patch request.
>> Type: Minor Feature
>> Bugtracker references:
>> http://bugs.typo3.org/view.php?id=12779
>> Branches:
>> trunk
>> Problem:
>> If a user likes to login via OpenID, he has to click "Switch to OpenID"
>> first, to get the the right login form. He needs to do this every time
>> he wants to log in, which is avoidable pain.
>> Solution:
>> Save the user's choice in a cookie and check for it via JS on opening
>> the login page.
>> Notes:
>> Steffen Kamper pointed out that nobody needs to click on "Switch to
>> OpenID", because you can also just paste your OpenID Identifier to the
>> username field.
>> This might be right, but then the divisiion between conventional und
>> openid login does not make any sense. Usability is especially important
>> for newbies who don't know about those tricks.
>> Kind regards,
>> Sebastian Gebhard

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