[TYPO3-core] RFC #12807: Bug: CSS issues with buttons (Recycler / File Mass Uploader)

Helmut Hummel helmut at typo3.org
Wed Dec 23 19:06:09 CET 2009

Hi Benni,

Am 23.12.09 18:02, schrieb Benjamin Mack:
> does this patch fix the problem? If so, please test and check, and give
> your +1 so we can get this into 4.3.1.

As I allready wrote, I think that this is ony a workaround for a
problem, that the sprite background of the button is not shown. One can
read the text better, but the real problem is not fixed.

Additionally in line 169 of the patched css file the following lines
allready exist, defining a white text color:

.x-toolbar button {

So no need to overwirte this thousands of line later in this file ;)

So far, still -1 from my side.

I'll try again, digging into the ext-js css hell.


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