[TYPO3-core] RFC: #13059: overriden user settings are not visible to the user

Georg Ringer news at ringerge.org
Fri Dec 18 08:10:56 CET 2009

This is an SVN patch request.

Type: Bugfix, nobrainer

Bugtracker references:

trunk, TYPO3_4-3

It is possible to override settings in the user settings with TS.
Currently this is not visible to the user because the fields are not
locked. Result: A user will try to change the settings but it is not
possible because not allowed.

To reproduce add those lines to your user tsconfig:
setup.default.edit_docModuleUpload = 1
setup.override.edit_docModuleUpload = 1

setup.default.resizeTextareas_MaxHeight= 111
setup.override.resizeTextareas_MaxHeight= 310

and go to the user settings > tab "edit & advanced functions". ´Change
the text in the input field "maximal height of resizeable textareas" and
save it. Changes won't be saved.

Apply patch and take a look at the settings again. They are now rendered
with the attribute disabled="disabled"

If the field is overridden, set the attribute disabled

Additional information:
The screenshot shows the extra checkbox the patch #10533 will
(hopefully) introduce, the TsConfig from above is for an already
existing checkbox

As this is a bug and not a feature, it should go into 4.3. as well!

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