[TYPO3-core] RFC: Bug 0011805 IRRE does not work correctly with FE-editing

Bjoern Pedersen pedersen at resi2.office.frm2
Tue Dec 8 13:22:15 CET 2009

Oliver Hader <oliver at typo3.org> writes:

> Hi Björn,
> Bjoern Pedersen schrieb:
>> Problem: 
>> The ajax-calls for editing inline records miss the path to the typo3/
>> backend directory if in FE-editing mode.
>> Solution: 
>>    amend the jsfunc.inline.js with the correct backend path 
>>    via a setter function called in class.t3lib_tceforms.php
>> patch is against typo4.3.0.
> Looks obvious. However, I think that the path should be added in any
> case, not only for frontend disposal.

I think in backend, the base-URL of the BE-pages already is typo3/, so there
is no need to add it. But if it is working that way too, then i'm fine
with adding it always.


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