[TYPO3-core] RFC: #12872: Use "strong" instead of "b"

David Bruchmann typo3-team-core at bruchmann-web.de
Tue Dec 1 16:38:26 CET 2009

Von:        Steffen Kamper <info at sk-typo3.de>
Betreff:    [TYPO3-core]  RFC: #12872: Use "strong" instead of "b"

Hi Steffen,

two general remarks that concern the changed code but never your changes:

1) in CSS I remarked it's faster when unneeded simicolons (at the end of 
any block) are omitted.
2) some TAGs are written as XML but with HTML5 I remarked the question 
is coming up to note it as HTML again.

Best Regards

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