[TYPO3-core] Updated TSref in SVN

Francois Suter fsu-lists at cobweb.ch
Tue Dec 1 13:58:22 CET 2009


> ... and as always after an update, I read it and try
> to find the changes to 4.2.
> Wouldn't it be nice to have some annotation about the new
> options ? E.g. a small comment in the docs like
>    [4.3+]
> that states, that an option is available since Version 4.3 ?

Yes, it would be nice. We discussed this in the documentation mailing
list and I also explained there why I finally didn't do that. The short
story is that it's not so simple and that the current layout of the docs
is limiting. I had no time to change the whole document.

I tried to help a bit by assembling a page from the pending doc with a
slightly improved layout:




Francois Suter
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