[TYPO3-core] bugreport about hooks, $this, tcemain infinite loops

Dmitry Dulepov 9f4eetb02 at sneakemail.com
Thu May 24 09:17:22 CEST 2007


Kasper Skårhøj wrote:
> Lesson learned: 
> When setting up hooks it is quite natural to find the hook call in the 
> core and then copy/paste the 
> hook function call as a template for the function in the hook class you 
> are going to create. The 
> danger is that if the parent (caller) object, $this, is passed along you 
> may forget to rename it to - 
> typically - &$pObj. And as this case shows it will not yield an error 
> message and may induce a 
> puzzling problem to solve later. Remember to rename “$this” to “&$pObj” 
> when using hooks! 

Yes, this happens... When I used phpEclipse, it was clever enough to 
warn me about using reserved word as a parameter name. In fact, these 
warnings from various IDEs are very good. For example, there is a 
[pending] warning somewhere in typo3/sysext/cms/ that parameter is 
passed to user function and such parameter is never defined. Looks like 
no harm done so far (no one complained) but the fact is not very pleasant.

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