[TYPO3-core] RFC: Bug 5564: IRRE - foreign_selector/foreign_unique on click issue

Oliver Hader oh at inpublica.de
Wed May 23 12:21:09 CEST 2007


since nobody objected to this patch:

Committed to SVN
* TYPO3_4-1: rev. 2347
* Trunk: rev. 2348


Oliver Hader schrieb:
> This is a SVN patch request.
> Problem:
> Setting foreign_selector and foreign_unique to same field makes it
> impossible to select a certain item from the selector via onClick. The
> first item of the selector gets added regardless of which was actually
> clicked.
> Solution:
> It is possible to use uniqueness with and without a selector. If used
> without a selector, newly created children on an intermediate table
> don't have an information about which record is related - thus the first
> one of the remaining possibilities is used.
> If uniqueness is used with a selector, this information is already given
> and using the first available item isn't necessary at all in this case.
> Comments:
> Thanks to Nikolas Hagelstein for pointing out the problem and testing.
> I'm going to commit this in one week if nobody objects.
> References:
> http://bugs.typo3.org/view.php?id=5564
> http://lists.netfielders.de/pipermail/typo3-project-irre/2007-May/000141.html
> Branches: TYPO3_4-1 & Trunk
Oliver Hader

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