[TYPO3-core] Feature request: Remove password from content of notification emails

Andreas Otto andreas.otto at dkd.de
Tue May 15 11:53:52 CEST 2007


the following email was posted to the Security Team last week.

On Friday 11 May 2007 12:10, Heinz Werner Kramski wrote:
> our Typo3 4.1.1 warns us about failed Install Tool Login ATTEMPTs in
> the following manner:
> There has been a Install Tool login attempt at TYPO3 site 'Deutsches
> Literaturarchiv' (cww-prod.dla-marbach.de).
> Password tried was 'forgetful-admin-test'
> REMOTE_ADDR was '' ()
> We don't see any use in quoting the invalid password here verbatim. In
> contrast, forgetful admins like us may try their BE password for
> install tool login, which is then transferred through insecure e-mail.
> While this might not be the worlds biggest security problem, we would
> like to see another default behaviour or an appropriate configuration
> switch. (If there already is one, we and our T3 agency were unable to
> find it; TIA for any pointers).

In the Security Team we have decided that this is not a security problem but
a feature request which should be forwarded to the Core Team.

Now it is up to us to change the default behaviour or leave things as they
are now.

Any opinions?


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